We found Alex through a referral because of his many years of expertise in the GTA. We had a property that required understanding the local area in Toronto, dealing with existing tenants, and also providing guidance in helping price it properly based on the market for an accelerated close date. In the end, Alex was able to help  with a reputable referral for staging, helping to maintain a competitive price in the market.

On top of his expertise of the market, he also showcases high integrity and wants the best for his clients. We received overall a great experience and would highly recommend Alex to any prospective buyers and sellers.


M & Kenneth


Hello Alex, we moved to a new house, the family is very happy,  ALEX  is considerable of taking care everything for us , we are very satisfied with his service, VOTE 100%.  Thank you! 




Dear Alex, 

Alex 提供即時樓巿情況, 解釋入市策略,更深入瞭解我們的需求,爭取一分一秒 提供合適單位給我們挑選.令我們獲得我們心水單位


 提供信賴裝修師傅,廚房公司,更介紹一位好的裝修師傅,Alex 也提供許多裝修貼士


Thanks again




"Alex Boey is absolutely the best! He is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous throughout. Looking for the right property to fit our family plan could be confusing and stressful. Thanks Alex for his client-oriented approach, always thinking about what's the best for us and our family. With his knowledge and experience, he guided us through the process and empowered us to make crucial decisions. When it comes to closing the deal, his negotiations skills was so impressive that helped us to land on our dream property with great price. He is also amazingly resourceful. Anything related to real estate, including mortgage, accounting, legal aspect, reno and repair, he will always have trustful source to make referral. And now, we are one happy landlord with a great potential investment property and have the flexibility to turn it into a beautiful home. It was a pleasant experience and we will forever grateful for his service. Looking forward to working with Alex again for our next real estate project."


"Alex has been helping us with property investments for over 10 years. His vertical line of services from picking locations to following up with tenants has never disappointed us. He is an expert in identifying areas where proerty values grow beyond market trends. We have never had one complaint from any tenant, leaving us worry-free even when we are travelling out of town. Our recent transaction was just an amazing experience! Within one week of our initial discussion, Alex arranged 3 viewings and all of which met our requirements. Price negotiations were very smooth and five days later, the sale was confirmed. In one month's time, we received the first rental payment from the tenant. The whole process went through efficiently and hassle-free. Alex's professional services and in-depth knowledge of the property market is phenomenal. Thanks!"



"What an absolute pleasure to deal with Mr. Boey. From the moment I inquired about the property he was quick and accommodating to set up a time to meet. He was knowledgeable about all the questions I had and its obvious he has a real passion for his profession and the people he represents. The day we moved in I arrived to find Alex cutting the lawn with a lawn mower he had put inside his nice car's trunk. This to me showed how much he cared. I also required additional documentation from him for my work which he immediately provided. Also the minor things that required fixing (a window that was slightly hard to open). Was quickly addressed and a appointment for when the builders to come back to fix it was made. Overall a complete pleasure of an experience. We were lucky to find such a gentleman to deal with. Thank you again Alex and keep up the hard work."

Kevin Desrochers



如果有缘份能遇上 Alex, 在你買屋的歷程上基本就不用擔心。不敢説他是最好的經紀, 但肯定是很用心和專業的經紀。經驗豐富, 能從你的角度出發, 不急於催促你作買房決定。隨了在買房子方面的幫助, 其它事情, 他都原意為你提供意見。可見他並不只在乎ㄧ次的交易, 而是長遠的交情。


A huge thanks to Alex! He was able to help us find the perfect house at the right price in just a few weekends. The timing could not have been better as we sold our home first so we were on somewhat of a time constraint. The sellers were somewhat difficult during the negotiation/bidding process but he dealt with them professionally and was able to get us the house. We couldn't be happier! Thanks again Alex.

W Wong



Thanks a million, Alex! I was trying to write something to express my deep appreciation here for a long time, but everytime I started and stopped, because I couldn't find perfect words that can describe how I appreciate what you did for us, the expert and priceless advice, so considerable of taking care everything for us and the fantastic experience during the processes of purchase and selling. There is no doubt you are the best agent I have ever met. Every time you could think in advance of us, and gave best suggestions when I made a improper decision. More importantly, his respectful manner and patience  in letting  us make our  decision is what we have valued the most. My wife and I were deeply touched by your diligent working and efforts. At beginning I thought my case might just a small case and you would not put so much effort on it, all the facts proved that I am wrong. You took my case so seriously and provided us the service with the best quality. Also I want to thank you for introduce a stager to us, and no doubt that the stager helped us to increase the selling price and the chance to win in the competitive market. Alex stands out as a shining example. I appreciated how you treated each client and agent with dignity and grace.  Your knowledge and application of the real estate industry reduced stress and created an atmosphere of personalized service .All in all I am so glad of having you as our agent and being friend with you.  If you are looking for an exceptional realtor, Alex Boey should be your first choice.”“Trustworthy and diligent. Thanks again for what you had done for us.


The 5-day home buying experience was amazing. It was hectic in the beginning, disappointing on the course.... but eventually, our home-dream has come true! This could not have happened without the great help from you, Alex! You worked so hard, sorting through a number of properties and lining them up for us to visit during our short stay in Toronto. We didn't even realize that at the end the 5th day, we have visited almost 30 houses. The journey of our home purchase plan has been full of hiccups, losing a few bids, uncovering fact of a house that was not ideal for us which we wanted to buy, bumping into inaccurate offer date from the listing agent...... You have not given up and continued to help us finding the right home we desired. And thanks for your persistence, you found us our dream house and we were able to buy it just before we left Toronto. I want to thank you again for your great effort in finding us our home. You have demonstrated your professionalism in your service to us. My wife Laura and I have appreciated so much the advice that you have provided us when we were deciding our offers. Not only are you experienced in this profession but also your being knowledgeable of the property market that had helped us made a well-informed purchase decision. Great job well done, Alex! You are fantastic!

John Lam

I don't expect I will buy another property in Canada. But due to your speed and quality service, I can do it within 3 weeks during my family visit and you also help me following up all the settlement and rental issues. Thanks for all your help.

D. Lee

My spouse and I were searching for a condo in Toronto last October and our friend suggested we seeking advice from Alex. He is a professional realtor who provided good advice to us and guided us through the whole process. Also he answered our questions patiently and explained the legal procedure to us. Thanks for your hard work, Alex!

Taylor C.

Alex helped my husband and I find our first dream house. After being in a condo for a couple years, we were looking to step out and find a house. Being very unfamiliar to the real estate market, we were glad to have Alex's professional advice to guide us through the process. After sharing with Alex what our needs were, he did all the homework upfront and carefully screened and selected a handful of homes that he felt fit our needs, saving us much time! We ended finding a house that we loved only after two weekends of house hunting! 

Thanks Alex for making the process so smooth sailing and worry free! We look forward to using your professional advice again in the future!

S. Wong

Alex had managed my rental property for two years back in 90s. He also helped me sell my property successfully while I was in oversea. He did a great job.

When I decided to move back to Toronto for good a few years ago, the first real estate agent I had on mind was Alex. With Alex's assistance, I managed to rent a right place for my family within our budget and desired area. With Alex's professional knowledge and advice, we successfully bought our house at the desirable price last year.

I would surely recommend Alex to my friends when they need to buy, sell or rent a property. Thank you, Alex!

Kazia Mo

My partner and I started our search to find a new home in the York/Vaughan area and decided to “go it alone”. After several unsuccessful and often disgusting house visits we turned to Alex. Immediately, Alex began the search narrowing down a listing of over 180 properties. From there, he personally hand selected 22 homes for us to select for first viewing.

After sending Alex our initial selection of 10 of the 22 homes, unbeknownst to us, he personally went out and viewed the properties to further narrow down the selection, eliminating those homes he knew would not be a fit for us. When the time came to see the houses, we had a manageable listing of homes tailored to our preferences. Alex was thorough, knowledgeable and most of all efficient.

He made excellent use of our precious time and helped us negotiate a fantastic deal. He was able to expertly answer our inquiries and was courteous and professional in all our dealings. Thanks to Alex, we will be moving into a gorgeous new home that’s right for us and our 2 children.

Thanks Alex!!!

C Madsen

I was trying to sell my parent's property from a distance, which meant that I needed a realtor who would communicate with me consistently, accommodate the time difference between locations, and be familiar with several legalities around sales via power of attorney, etc. I also had a number of additional unique circumstances that required a very special and accommodating realtor. Alex went above and beyond to accommodate my needs, and persevered through all the challenges to get the sale done within a specified period of time. Thank you Alex for your perseverance, hard-work, and going the extra mile!

Jaleh S.

Our baby was due in June, our new house was closing in April, it was February and we needed to sell our property fast! We neither had the time nor money to let our property sit on the market. Alex made sure our property was show room ready and sold it quickly, much to our relief. Thank you for letting us enjoy our new house and baby without worry!

Norris Wong

Hi Alex 

A big thanks to you for finding me a cozy and decent property. You have provided a good quality and premium service to help us to choose the right investment.  At first there was a bit of hestitation given the experience I have learned from my previous investments which has given me a lot of headache. Surprisingly you had proven all my hestitation were over worrying. It turned out smooth and satisfactory.
Cecilia & Climan Chu

I'm writing to express our heartily thanks to Alexander Boey who acted for me while buying my first home at Toronto. Without solid experience & knowledge about the housing estate market at Toronto, my home buying experience was a pleasurable and stress free one purely because the professional job done by Alexander who kindly assisted me throughout the buying process including but not limited to house search, financial evaluation, negotiation and financial mortgage.

He was professional, organized and honest in pointing out both the positives and negatives of the houses he recommended to us. We never felt pressured in doing anything we weren’t 100% comfortable with. We are deeply impressed by his enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility and great attitude of personal care given to us and the family.

I am no doubt to highly recommend Alexander to anyone who would like to pursue house buying or selling. His professional experience with proven sound record will offer the best value beyond your expectation.

With best regards,

Joey & M.Y

Dear Alex, 

I'm delighted for helping me to find an investment property in prime location and took care of everything for me from opening bank account and mortgage arrangement that I didn't have to worry from overseas. 

It's 2nd time you have handled property purchase for me. I am confident on you expertise. WELL DONE!

James Chiu


“I asked Alex for help in selling my condo as an assignment because I knew he would be the right guy fit for this job. Assignment sales are not easy but Alex knew what the rules and conditions were to advise other agents. He did a lot of work for us and never gave up even though we went through three failed contracts! In the end due to his vast client base he was able to help me find a suitable buyer from his own stash of clients to complete this sale!

Janet Wong



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